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The Picotech was the first picosecond laser to provide pulsed energy within 100 femtoseconds. Unlike traditional lasers, which simply heat pigment in the skin, these short pulses break down pigment into tiny particles. Therefore, the Picotech Nd YAG laser machine is more efficient to remove tattoo inks, especially blue and green colors, which are difficult to remove with conventional lasers.

The laser is intense enough to remove tattoo inks despite it might being much more powerful than necessary. But the energy is so concentrated that it won't cause significant effect to the skin around the tattoo, which makes it safer.

Advantage for the machine:

1.It is equipped with an independent cooling system, which enables the machine to work for more than six hours continuously to meet the requirements of long-term treatments.

2.It can accurately locate the target tissue for treatment, making it more effective and safer to remove tattoos and pigments.

3.The laser energy is controlled by computer throughout the whole process to ensure its stable performance, thus reducing the risk of skin damage.

4.The 10.4-inch real color touch screen is adopted to make it easier to understand and operate the equipment.

5.The laser machine has reduced the process of tattoo and pigment removal from 5~10 times to 2~4 times, which greatly shortens the treatment time.

Product show:

Machine Parts


1: All color tattoo remove

2: Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of Ota, etc

3: Skin whitening, fine lines removal, Carbon peeling treatment

4: Birthmark, pigmentation remove.


Advantage for the laser arms:

1)Use active Q-Switch Picosecond technology, do a better result

2)Laser device place on handle, no energy loss

3)1064nm & 532nm treatment head changeable

Scope of treatment

①1320nm in wavelength 

It is used in skin whitening and rejuvenation.

② 1064nm in wavelength 

It can be used in removing spots, birthmarks and tattoos which are black and blue, including semi-permanent makeup.

③755nm in wavelength 

It is used in blue and green tattoo removal.

④532nm in wavelength 

It is used in removing red and brown pigments on the skin, including birthmarks, spots or tattoos.

Before and After

The specification of SPA Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine:

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