Two Heads E-light IPL RF Skin Rejuvenation Equipment for Salon

Skin rejuvenation 

Acne treatment 

Deep flecks/superficial flecks/whiten/vascular 


Description of 2 Head E-light IPL RF Skin Rejuvenation Equipment:

The 2 head multifunctional E-light IPL RF facial platform integrates E-light technology IPL and SHR technology into one system achieved by two different handles. The HR handle features a wavelength of 650-950nm for hair removal and the SR handle features a wavelength of 560-950nm for skin rejuvenation.

This series is a vertical machine with a caster and takes up very little space making it suitable for both beauty salons and hospitals. 

Main Function of IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine:

1.Skin rejuvenation: elight will stimulate collagen proliferation make skin tightening and lifting.

2.Wrinkle removal: elight removes wrinkles effectively.

3.Spot removal: elight can reach the epidermis and dermis break down abnormal pigment cells then slowly eliminate from the body. 

4.Red capillary and acne: elight will close abnormal blood vessels clean the skin kill acne bacillus making the skin more glossy and soft.

5.Hair removal: E-light will destroy the hair follicle then achieve permanent hair removal effect

6.Cellulite removal: elight can remove cellulite tissue remain in a good shape.


The Features of IPL SHR Hair Removal:

1.High-efficiency and comfort.

2.Easy operation easy-learned interface design free person to machine communication.

3.Easy pull and push interface design with self distinguish function. 

4.Portable appearance design and folding colorful touch screen fashion design.

5.Safety and non-wound.


Skin Rejuvenation Laser Machine Show:

Treatment scope:

Acne removal

Permanent hair removal

Shrink pores

Pigmentation removal such as freckles chloasma senile plaques new skin.

Advantages of 2 head E-light IPL RF Skin rejuvenation equipment for salon:

1.With a stable energy output the spot size error is within 0.2mm and an energy fluctuation within 2%.

2.The IPL lamp is imported from UK with a service life reaching over 300000 uses. It is stable and durable.

3.The treatment tip is made of pure sapphire crystal making it applicable to all types of skin.

4.This treatment system does little damage to patients and thus postoperative care is simple requiring no need for high SPF sunscreens like traditional lasers and IPL treatment methods require.

5.Equipped with a water temperature sensor water level sensor and water flow sensor it can automatically stop working when there are potential problems to ensure safety operation.

Before & After

IPL SHR Hair Removal Machine of Specification:

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