Depilazer Permanent 808nm Diodes Laser Hair Removal

Remove the unwanted hair for whole body

Such as hairlinelip hairwhiskersarmpit hairbody hairbikini hair.

Treatment Principle

The hair is trimmed and a cooling get applied to the area to be treated

Theory of Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine:

The hair is trimmed and a cooling get applied to the area to be treated In a fraction of second pulsed red light heats up the hair The hair becomes detached from its follicle and eventually falls out The hair follicle is left unable to produce a new hair.


Diode laser working principle:

1. What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal uses a laser equipment that emits laser light of a specific wavelength which selectively act on the root of hair follicles. When energy is absorbed the hair follicles root are damaged and fall off completely so hair removal is achieved.


2. Will hairs be completely removed with one single laser hair removal treatment?

One single treatment of laser hair removal will not remove all the hairs because hair has three growth phases the active phase transitional phase and resting phase. When laser hair removal treatment is applied it only acts on the hair follicle cells that are on the root of hairs in the active phase depriving their ability of growth permanently. As for the hairs in their transitional or resting phase the laser cannot reach their follicle cells directly so only hairs can be temporarily removed.


3. How many treatments of laser hair removal is needed?

When using laser hair removal treatments due to the different growth phase of hairs one single treatment will not remove hairs completely and several treatments are required. In general a complete course of laser hair removal need 3-5 treatments with 4-6 weeks in between each treatment. The effectiveness and number of treatments required depend on inpidual’s hair colour unique properties and growth phase and may vary from person to person


4. Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?

People with the following conditions should not receive laser hair removal treatment: allergy or scar diathesis hepatitis / syphilis / skin infection blood diseases and coagulation disorders during menstrual period recent use of vasodilator/ joint pain medication allergy to bleach keloid diathesis having received other hair removal methods within 6 weeks and dark skin.



arm hair removal

leg hair removal

armpit hair removal

lip hair removal

bikini line hair removal


808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine show:


808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Advantage:

1.Is laser hair removal painful?

It is certainly a lie to claim that laser hair removal is not painful. After all it works on the very deep hair follicles root. However the pain is not unbearable. Inpiduals have different tolerance for pain hence they will feel different degrees of pain during treatments. Usually pain is not clearly felt when hair on limbs is being removed. A slight tingling pain may be felt when armpit hair or facial hair is being removed.


2. Will laser hair removal damage the skin?

Some must say “When the hairs are removed with laser it will surely burn the skin because  such a heavy amount of laser light is shot at skin”. It is right to think so but nowadays laser equipment is equipped with a cooling device on the treatment head. It will cool the surrounding skin as it opens the hair follicles. It will not burn the skin as long as it is operated correctly.


3.Will sweating be affected after laser hair removal?

No even if the hair follicles are completely removed the ducts of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles are still present so the sebum secreted by the skin glands can still be expelled normally. Sweat is excreted through the ducts of sweat glands irrelevant to the ducts of the hair follicles. For example palms do not have hair follicles but they can sweat.


4. Will laser hair removal result in darker and thicker hairs?

Dark and thick hairs will grow after the first treatment of many hair removal methods such as hair removal cream wax hair removal etc. Such hairs will not grow after the first laser hair removal treatment rather the hairs that were in their transitional or resting phase will grow into thin and soft hairs. 


Before & After:

Germany Epilation Vertical Type Permanent 808nm Diodes Laser Hair Removal Machine


808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal of Specification:


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