Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

1.Fat reduction body slimming

2.Wrinkle removal

3.Pore shrinkage

4.Promote the essence enter the skin

Description of Cavitation RF Slimming Machine:

When high frequency electromagnetic wave act on fat layers it causes a cavitation effect- that is high energy waves penetrate the fat layers and cause the tissue fluid between fat cells to expand compress then break apart to release water and fat particles which are then metabolized by the liver.

This cavitation RF slimming machine uses a 5MHz super-high frequency electromagnetic wave which not only increases cavitation effect but also plays a role in skin tightening creating a more ideal body slimming effect. The multipolar RP treatment tip is used for body treatment the tripolar RF head is used for facial treatment and the bipolar RF head is used for the face and eyes.



1.Fat reduction body slimming

2.Wrinkle removal

3.Pore shrinkage

4.Promote the essence enter the skin


The Cavitation RF Slimming Machine show:

Advantages of cavitation RF slimming machine:

1.Through the use of a TFT high definition display to complete operations the operating software is designed to be simple humanized and manageable for beauticians.

2.By integrating fat reduction skin rejuvenation wrinkle removal into one process this equipment is applicable to all skin types and with its extensive application range saves long term costs.

3.The handheld treatment tip only needs light contact with the skin. As a non-invasive treatment method it does not require anesthesia or cause bleeding thus it is safer to use.

4.The energy of treatment tip is highly concentrated and will not affect normal skin on other areas. In addition no recovery period is required after treatment and will not impact everyday life of the patients.



In order to improve and maintain the final curative effect we recommend that drainage should be conducted on the treated area immediately after each treatment course is completed. The available methods include vacuum adsorption chiropractic or micro current stimulation.

Parameters of cavitation RF slimming machine:


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