Water oxygen jet peel spa system

1.Skin deep cleaning

2.Oily skin improvement

3.Allergic skin improvement

4.Water prplenishing to skin

5.Skin fatigue improvement

6.Black rim of eye improvement

7.Dark skin improvement

8.Acne scar improvement

9.Skin rejuvenation



Water Jet Oxygen Peel technology delivers a new kind of non-invasive relaxing and painless skin care with excellent results. The basic principal is very simple: pressurized air oxygen molecules and negative oxygen ions accelerates a jet of micro droplets and this micro jet is used to gently and painlessly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The Water Jet delivers moisture vitamins and nutrients into your skin without ever touching it! It can instantly improve circulation create a level of skin moisture and tone the skin.Each Water Jet Oxygen Peel treatment gently ‘pressure washes’ your skin simultaneously on different adjustable levels. This gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes debris using water oxygen & other optional medical gasses (adjust according to treatment type and skin condition).

High-pressure jet of oxygen with a high speed accelerates the physiological solution through one or three thin nozzles on the handhold (deponds on the handpiece's type). This creates micro fine water drops which remove dead skin cells without strain and which instantly improve circulation create a level of skin moisture.The skin is deeply moisturized after treatment. The fundamental natural ingredients water and oxygen are essential for cell growth and repair; they stimulate collagen growth and preserve the skin tense and soft.

Function of jet clear facial machine:

This facial begins with a spray mist of serum (the machine used resembles an air brusher) that infuses 84-90% pure oxygen deep into your pores and treats the skin at a cellular level. The oxygen then breaks up the molecules so it is forced down and absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin. This hydrating facial is finished off by a premium masque to enhance the benefits of the facial.

Features of Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation:

An Oxygen Facial is a cooling facial that is ideal for soothing irritated skin. It kills bacteria as it pumps pure oxygen into your pores which is something we all need to regenerate and rejuvenate our skin and get that healthy glow. Although this facial is great for all skin types pure oxygen will help inpiduals fighting eczema dryness acne or irritated red skin.An Oxygen facial is also a great treatment for brides to receive before their big day. The oxygen will infuse hydration and enhance your skin to keep make-up looking fresh and radiant throughout the day and night.

Electric Oxygen Skin Care and Rejuvenation show:

Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Electric Oxygen Skin Care and Rejuvenation
Handle details

Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Electric Oxygen Skin Care and RejuvenationWater Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Electric Oxygen Skin Care and Rejuvenation

Application of Water Jet Machine:

<1>Skin deep cleaning
<2>Oily skin improvement
<3>Allergic skin improvement
<4>Water prplenishing to skin
<5>Skin fatigue improvement
<6>Black rim of eye improvement
<7>Dark skin improvement
<8>Acne scar improvement
<9>Skin rejuvenation

Advantages of jet clear facial machine:

1 Two handle could use at the same time could use this machine before or after IPL or other laser treatment

2  Maximum output pressure could be 0-4 Mpa. Activate skin cells improve allergies trengthen body's Resistance Alleviate atopic dermatitis
Improve Wound PH promote the epithelial hyperalasia . then make inhibition of wound bacteria and accelerate wound healing
3 Greatly improve cutaneous telangiectasia heat up skin to promote the skin metablolism 

Details of Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation:

Water Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Electric Oxygen Skin Care and Rejuvenation

Specification of fractional machine:


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