3 In 1 Multifunctional E-light RF ND Yag Laser Hair Removal

Skin rejuvenation: pores refining improve rough dark and gloomy skin restore skin elasticity

Pigment treatment: freckles sun-burn spots senile plaque pigmentation spots

Hair removal: armpit chest lip arms legs beard bikini etc.

Vascular spider angioma acne rosacea

Acne: pimples improve seborrheic oily skin and acne scars


The principle of Wrinkle Tattoo Pigment Removal Machine​:

Applying the technique of IPL and Bipolar Radio Frequencythe equipment acts on the entire skin corium and connective tissuestimulates the collagen of different depth to realing and growthe gets treatment effect.Biopolar RF release energy at the same timewith the selective absorbtion for the skin to light energyvarious pathological tissues of corium and epidermis creates photothermolysis effect.Since light energy is far below conventional IPLthe pigment tissue and vascular pathological tissue of the corium and epidermis would absorb more energy without injuring the epidermisand then remove these pathological tissue better and get the effect.

IPL has the similar theory and system with lasres whereby light energy is aimed to specific target cells of the skin .The light energy is then translated into heat energy to the targeted area which may result in skin damage then cause the natural healing process which will rebuilds new collagen and renovates broken capillaries and pigmented lesions.

RF excites water molecules producing consisted heat which decreases the pores size and tightens the skin and tighten the skin .

SHR (super hair removal ) with single pulse mode emits energy averagely With lower energy and repeated treatment on the same areas it can gradually heat the hair follicle and finally the accumulated heat cause the damage of hair follicle and realize the real painfree hair removal treatment .

The range of E-light RF ND Yag Laser Hair Removal treatment:

(1)Everlasting hair removal:remove unwanted hairs under armson legs lips or other body partetc.

 (2)Pigmentation treatment:remove various kinds of pigment such as frecklechloasmaaged spotssunburnetc.

 (3)Telangiectasis treatment:treat angiotelec-tasis.

 (4)Acne treatment:papuletuberBlainacneetc.

 (5)Shrink porestighten skinimprove skin elasticity and glossiness.

 (6)Eliminate and smooth wrinklesacne treatment.

The principle of Laser:

Use an intense beam of light to significantly lightenor completely removal your tattoo.When the ink particles of your tattoo absorbed through your body’s natural cleaning mechanism.This cleansing process generally takes a few weeks.Larger ink particles may require multiple treatments.

(1).1064nm laser can penetrate into deep layer of the skinso it is easilly absorbed by blueblack and green color pigment;thereforeit is very suitable to treat the pigment disease in the dermal layer.For examplegetting rid of tattoos eyebrowOta's nevus and pigmented disease.

(2).532nm laser can penetrate into light layer of the skin;thereforeIt is very easily absorbed by the brownred and deep-brown color pigement.For exampleeliminating frecklespigment spots and other light-color tattoos.  

Pictures of e light beauty equipment:

Multifunction 3 In 1 E-light Ipl Rf Laser Hair Removal Wrinkle Tattoo Pigment Removal Machine
Multifunction 3 In 1 E-light Ipl Rf Laser Hair Removal Wrinkle Tattoo Pigment Removal Machine

Multifunction 3 In 1 E-light Ipl Rf Laser Hair Removal Wrinkle Tattoo Pigment Removal Machine

The range of Laser treatment:

(1).Remove kinds of colors tattoo.

(2).Remove pigment spotsbirthmark etc.

(3).Dispel age spot and beauty spots etc.

(4).Acne scar removal.

(5).Mole removal.

(6).Lip liner removal Eyeliner removal.

Application of e light ipl machine:

1) IPL+Elight +RF+Yag laser come with two separate control screen .

the Elight and Laser can work together . RF and laser can work together .

they are absolutely separate with unique system .make sure the machine has a good performance with stable quality.

2) Can use elight and ipl separately with one handle professional RF handle .

our elight menu come with skin type( I II III IV V VI ) Hair color . hair thickness .

the operator only need choose the Corresponding skin type and hair color when they do the treatment no need to change the parameter more easy and simple for the operator to use it .

3) it come with best cooling system (car pump +water cycle +windy cooling system )

it can continue to work more than 8 hours without stop .

ND YAG laser come with 1064nm and 532nm two wavelength. it can remove all kinds of tattoo the laser have infrared indicator . it can help the operator to aim the skin more accurately.

Features of e light ipl machine:

1. Long continuing working time;

2. No downtime No side affects;

3. Powerful energy multi-functions with one machine;

4. CPC connector of instantly Plug and Play;

5. Three cooling systems together be more effective and safer;

6. Modular Design of inner structure easy to repair;

7. 8.4" TFT colorful touch screen.

Advantage of Multifunction RF Elight IPL ND YAG Laser Machine:

1.Multifunctional: 3 in 1 ( SHR+ND YAG Laser+Elight )

2.Fast hair removalthe shoot number is 300.000times

3.Powerful soft ware: the control screen plate can set any shoot number so it can be used as shoot number or rent machine to anyboday

4.Three Handles SHR/Elight + RF +Nd yag laser

5.The Handle have three filteryou can exchange the laser type you want as follows:

640nm----use for hair removal

480nm----use for acne vascular removal

530nm----use for skin rejuvenation pigmentation removal (choose for different wavelength filters)

6. The Price is reasonablethe quality is superior !! It's your first Choose

 Before and after:


 Multifunction 3 In 1 E-light Ipl Rf Laser Hair Removal Wrinkle Tattoo Pigment Removal Machine
Multifunction 3 In 1 E-light Ipl Rf Laser Hair Removal Wrinkle Tattoo Pigment Removal Machine

E-light RF ND Yag Laser Multifunctional Wrinkle Tattoo Removal Hair Removal Machine

E-light ipl machine of Specification:


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