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  • Name: High Frequency Vascular Removal
  • Number: TB-151
  • Added Time: 2015-12-07
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Market of net wire therapeutic apparatus
The awakening of the human consciousness to the beauty, the birth of a beauty salon also initially around the needs of patients, but with the development of beauty industry , the human quest for beauty has gradually tend to science, health, natural, achieve better results at the same time, whether to meet patients’ demand of beauty is also urgent problems we face, the development of the industry from the pure product skin care - the basis of care - efficacy treatment - subsidiary instrument - physical therapy equipment, etc. Until now, we also hope that the birth of the new beauty technology, so that he can better serve patients.

Market of net wire therapeutic apparatus
Human beings pursuit the progress constantly all the time, explore the nature,. With the development of the beauty technology, emerging out of a number of high-tech beauty products, it make people high beauty to enjoy at the same time, people feel the magic of science and technology, a new and more advanced technology closer to the natural way, under the premise of the many problems have emerged, that is net TB-15I silk therapy instrument. It is based on flight technology mainly, originated in the United States in the world with more than 100 million cases of success stories; once the world's only commitment to achieve a therapeutic effect net wire equipment, high-frequency micro-point lightning produce 13 million Hz ultra-high frequency electromagnetic oscillations, with unique soft silk (thinner than human hair), crushed 1/100 second hemoglobin, the spot instantly remove redness, its magical effect is to remove wire instruments and products cannot be achieved completely replace the traditional net wire products, as well as E light, laser, blocking the instrument will set off a revolution in global beauty technology.