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  • Name: Multifunctional Cavitation slimming machine
  • Number: TB-260

Multifunctional Cavitation slimming machine Features:

1.Equiped with 5 treatment handles.(big Rf handle, small Rf handle,Vacuum handle(1000kpa),two Cavitation handle(40khz)),which can be accordance to the different parts of the treatment needs to select  the proper size and treatment system.       

2.Cavitation use  intelligentized control, touch screen operation, visual interface application, which ensure the guest easy to learn and safely use.   

3.cavitation use continuous output mode, which accordance with acting on the human body parts and operational methods for enhancing operation.     

4.This unit use modular design and has clear structure ensure the user easy to install and maintain.

Specification of Multifunctional Cavitation slimming machine:

Dimension 40x35x40cm
Net Weight 15kg
Guarantee 2 years
Packaging alluminum alloy case
Delivery time 3-5 work days
Display 8 inch color touch screen
Technology cavitation+Vacuum+RF
OEM&ODM Service? yes

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