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  • Name: portable multifunctional hifu slimming machine
  • Number: TB-322

Treatment Theory:

Fat Cell destruction for non- invasive body shaping.


The Salushape system is a non-Invasive device that uses focused Pulsed Ultrasound , also combines Cavitation , Bipolar Radio Frequency and Semi-conducting cooling technology to immediatelly and selectively destory fat cells without down time and pain foe all the parts of the body.

Salushape Hifu Traetment Advantages:

* Average abdominal reduction between 33 and 63 mm after 3 treatments

* Visible result will be showed in 2 weeks after the treatment

* Comfortable TReatment without swelling and bumps post treatment

* Pulse quantity will caculate automatically by measuring the size of target area, 45 ~60 minutes for eat treatment. 

Salushape's special Technology:

230 Khz Focused Pulsed Ultrasound For Reducing fat, thighs and Buttocks.


Focused Ultrasound energy Precisely Focuses into a fixed volume, targeting only subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth

40 Khz Ultrasound Cavitation for reducing size on Arms , Legs and Buttocks.

2 Mhz Bipolar Radio Frequency for Skin Lifting of face.

Cooling head for cooling the skin after treatment


Treatment Area Introduction :


The machine with Three Treatment Handles: Focused Ultrasound Head & Ultrasound Cavitation Head & Bipolar RF head

Salushape Designed for fat reduction on all parts of the body.

Focus Ultrasound Hand piece is for the Abdomen, Thighs and Buttock.

Cavitation hand piece is for arms and legs.

Bipolar RF Hand piece is for skin lifting, wrinkle removal on face.


Treatment Procedure:


The procedure will take place after an Initial Consulation with a patient consultant to ensure Treatment is suitable for you.


1. Photos need be taken so that you may measure your progress. You will undergo a brief Examination, during which the area to be treatd is measured and marked.

2. A handheld device is then used to deliver the Ultrasound energy over the eara.

3. The length of treatment depends on the extent of correction desired and the number of areas targetd.

4. Usually treat 45 ~60 minutes is necessary for one treatment.


As the Hand piece passes over the body, there maybe a light tingling sensation or warmth.

Once all of the desired areas have been treatd, the procedure is complete.


Treatment result,before & after do treatment:


Sanhe Portable Salushape HIFU body shaping system high intensity Focused ultrasound hifu shaping hifu slimming weight loss

Sanhe Portable Salushape HIFU body shaping system high intensity Focused ultrasound hifu shaping hifu slimming weight loss

Specification of portable multifunctional hifu slimming machine:


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