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  • Name: Co2 fractional Laser
  • Number: TB-033I

Co2 fractional Laser Features & Application:

Co2 Fractional Laser system is utilizing the most advanced micro-lens technology, which allows laser system to produce a large number of ultra-pulsed beams, these ultra-pulsed beams act on the skin to form a diameter of 0.12-1.25mm,depth of 0.1-1mm micro-hole, so that a large number of micro-invasive skin area (micro thermal zone) and heat accumulation zone or micro-heating area are formed, they also can form regional gasification that act on the skin pigment organization,while the heat's accumulation in the dermis will make collagen protein do immediate skin contraction,and proliferate the collagen,then achieves the effect of wrinkle removal,scars removal,skin rejuvenation and solve skin problems and abnormal pigment removal.


1. Skin renewal and regeneration

2. Remove all kinds of wrinkles

3. Remove acne and scars

4. Remove neoplasms

5. Remove pigment

6.Treat telangiectasis

7. Sun damage recovery and skin renewing

8. Actenic keratoses

9. Face lift, tighten and whiten skin

10. Pierce ears

11. Effective treatment with skin hydroponic, skin rough

12.To eliminate body odor

13.To remove wart

Co2 Fractional Laser Benefits:

1.RF Laser Tube is more stable than traditional Glass tube,the machine is non serviceable
2.With the RF laser Tube, the scanning depth can reach the derma layer,to accelerate the collagen re-growth.
3.RF Laser Tube makes the scanning dot much thinner and less harm
4.The Laser Tube frequency can reach more than 5000HZ,high scanner can get better treatment effect
5.Four working modes ,Fractional, CW, Pulse, Ultra Pulse,one machine can been used in widely in different surgery
6.Special designed energy self-inspected and energy-replenishment system,improving the stability and effect
7.Multi safety protection, water, electric ,remote interlock warning alarm
8.Laser anti-leak designing, confirm the operator and client safety
9.Whole low voltage system, no electric danger and no electric radiation

The pictures of products details:

 Specification of Co2 fractional Laser machine:

Laser source                 

RF Laser Tube

(Manufactured by Coherent America)

Working Mode

Fractional Mode:

Continuous Wave Mode (CW)

Pulse Mode (single and repeated)

Ultra Pulse Mode

Laser Wavelength


Power of laser generator

Max 60W

Output Power


Focus Diameter

≤0.1-1.2 mm

Treatment Depth

Max 2mm

Aiming Beam

Red Diode laser (650nm,≤5mW)

Delivery System

7-Articulation Joint Spring Arm

Scanning Area Max 20×20mm
Scanning shape Ellipse, Rectangular, Triangular,Line,Square, hexagon
Scanning mode Sequence Mode

Middle split Mode

Random Mode

Smoke Exhausting System Built-in air blow
Cooling system Air Cooling

Environmental temperature

Relative Humidity ≤80%
Power Supply ~220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Dimension 1280mm×520mm×680mm
Weight 45kg

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