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  • Name: Hydra Facial Skin Spa System
  • Number: TB-086

Hydra dermabrasion is an all natural,virtually painless,skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin in a rapid manner and provides a discernible enhancement to the recipient Hydrodermabrasion treatments are highly effective in skin texture improvement, wrinkle reduction,removalunwanted pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation.It is also very useful with acne,blackheads and other come done eruptions as it quickly and effortlessly removes them without any pain or discomfort.


Diamond dermabrasion:


The diamond microdermabrasion (crystal-free) system replaces the micro-crystal flow with a diamond tip wand. Areas closer to the eyes and mouth can be abraded more accurately with diamond abrasion - no risk of stray crystals. Provides a Non-Surgical skin resurfacing procedure by using sterile diamond heads to peel and rub off the dead cells at the top skin layer followed by vacuuming/suction removing particles along with any dirt and dead skin.

This procedure removes skin debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation of the skin. Moderate usage of diamond dermabrasion accompanied with skin products that penetrate through the top skin layer and reach the dermis level help to replenish natural nutrients and restore cell activity promoting healthy skin.

Hydra dermabrasion application:

Clean:Deep cleaning, clear skin stratum corneum, minimally invasive scar, clearing blackhead.
Wash:Deep cleaning dirt, clean skin
Water supply:supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning.
Rehabilitation:Improve dull skin, shrink pores, smooth skin, repair skin cells.

Advantages of Hydra Facial Skin Spa System:

1:hydro-dermabrasion,applicable to regular or sensitive skin,Or skin with whelk,comedo,acne,etc.
2: cleaning&washing:deep cleaning,clear skin statum rheum,minimally invasive scar,and clearing blackhead,remove deep skin dirt
3: effective and direct moistening:supply sufficient water molecules to skin while cleaning
4: used the skin care products to achieve a large variety of treatment aims like wrinkle/pigmentation removal,skin lightening and whitening


Machine Parts of Facial Skin Spa System:


1.Handpiece holder

2.Pressure panel

3.Vacuum pressure gauge

4.Water nob

5.Power Switch

6.Vacuum cleaning bottle

7.Power Line Socket


9.Water Inlet

10.Used-water Collect Inlet

11.Used-water outlet

12.Handle Inlet

13.Handle Outlet

14.Water level protecting jack

The pictures of products details:

Hydra Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine for Facial Cleaning / Skin RejuvenationHydra Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine for Facial Cleaning / Skin Rejuvenation


Operation Steps (Basic Operation )


(1)Clean skin and make it dry.

(2)According treated parts to choose appropriate diamond dermabrasion woring head and connect it into diamond dermabrasion handle.

(3)Turn on the power switch 5.

(4)Turn vaccum adjust nob to regulate the vaccum pressure.According to the hip, turing it to the clockwise is MAX, turning it to the counter clockwise is MIN. The beautician should consider the nursing part and make sure the guests can accpet the pressure.

(5)Confine the treatment area, and the beautician hold the diamond dermabrasion hancle to move closely on skin back and forth,with the finger moves with it.


Cleaning recycling bottle method:


Unscew the wastewater recycling bottle in a anticlockwise direction,clean the wastewater, then fasten it in a clockwise direction.


Cleaning filter up method:


Put some paper at the bottle of the filter cup, rise the valve with your fingers, let the liquid leak.


Hydra Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine for Facial Cleaning / Skin Rejuvenation

Specification of Hydra Facial Skin Spa System:


1) Hydra facial / hydradermabrasion

2) Microdermabrasion


Vacuum Power

100Kpa Max

Max Output


Operation Control

Control Panel


 1) Hydradefotrmabrasion handle with 8 tips

2) Microdermabrasion handle with 9 tips




100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

Packing Size

52*49*43 cm3


16 KG


1 Year / 12 Months

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