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  • Name: Mini hifu wrinkle removal facelift machine
  • Number: TB-30
  • Added Time: 2016-11-03
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HIFU means high intensed focused ultrasound ,the energy acts on dermis and SMAS,make collagen regenrating,so the skin will get reforming after treatment,patient may feel tightening immediately and the result will get better day by day.



it is the most effctive and FDA approved product on facelifting, it acts on target area with temperature of 67-72 ℃,which is the best temperature make collagen generated,and it doesn't act on epidermis, so never worry about skin injury,it's noneinvasive but great effect!




This machine is equiped with 3 treatment heads which are 1.5mm.3.0mm,4.5mm,and each head have 10000 shots!